About Us

At Taiga Industrial Rope Access, our motto is ‘Elevating Excellence, Securing Heights‘ reflecting our commitment to providing unparalleled rope access solutions with precision and safety at the core of every project.

Safety Standards

Prioritizing safety, Taiga Industrial adheres to stringent standards, conducts thorough training, and uses certified equipment to ensure technicians' well-being in challenging work environments.

Trained and Certified

Taiga Industrial relies on skilled, certified technicians proficient in diverse techniques. Continuous training guarantees competence, ensuring efficient and secure task execution

Quality Equipment

Taiga Industrial invests in top-quality equipment. Regular inspections and compliance with industry standards maintain the integrity of gear, boosting confidence in field operations.

Versatile Problem-Solving

Taiga demonstrates versatility in addressing diverse tasks across industries. Its problem-solving prowess and adaptability reinforce its reputation as a reliable service provider.

Taiga Industrial Rope Access Solutions

“Elevating Excellence, Securing Heights” symbolizes our shared dedication to creating a secure environment that ensures our clients’ success.
Taiga Industrial Rope Access offer a wide range of professional access services, including agile IRATA or SPRAT Certified professionals. Our proven expertise reduces dependency on costly access solutions such as scaffolding. We are well-known for successfully completing time-sensitive projects and excel in rapid mobilization and demobilization while remaining cost-effective. Taiga Industrial Rope Access has a fantastic safety record, prioritizing the highest standards throughout its limited operational history. Through our Internal Responsibility System, we empower our employees to promote safety in all parts of our operations. Contact us to learn more about our complete access solutions and how we can work together to reach your safety, productivity, and maintenance objectives!


Our Amazing Team

Meet our amazing team.

Engin Kulahoglu

Sprat Evaluator|Irata L3 Instructor| Rope Access Business Consultant

Engin, with experience in more than 53 different rope access projects, commenced his mountaineering and climbing journey in 1989 after immigrating to Canada. He continues to pursue his passion through rope access, offering consultancy services to numerous companies.

Kivanc Erbil

Rope Access

Kıvanç boasts a diverse professional background as a former soldier, engineer, and rock climber. With over 8 years of experience in SAR (Search & Rescue ) operations, he excels as an accomplished rope access technician, dedicating the past 2 years to mastering this specialized field.

Ibrahim Yilmaz

Blade Repair

Ibrahim is a seasoned blade repair technician with an extensive background in industrial quality assurance, composite production and blade repair. He’s been working in the industry for more than 7 years.


Do you need help?

Please get in touch with us if you need guidance or support. Taiga always shows its customers care.