Taiga Industrial Rope Access

Engin Kulahoglu

Co-founder at Taiga Industrıal Ltd.
Irata Level 3 | Instructor- Sprat Level 3 |Evaluator

Rope Access: Transforming Safety and Efficiency in Wind Energy, Industrial and Commercial Landscapes

Rope access, a dynamic solution, enhances workplace safety and optimizes maintenance in diverse industries. Its adaptability ensures efficient maneuvering for inspections, mitigating risks associated with traditional methods. Industries embrace this versatile approach, fostering a safer and more efficient work environment




Taiga Embarks on Winter Inspections

As an expert-level IRATA certified rope access technician, the changing seasons bring unique challenges…

Rope Access Services

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We offer professional rope access solutions for commercial projects in challenging and elevated environments.

Industrial-grade rope access solutions in the most demanding industrial environments with safety and precision.

Elevate your wind energy production with our expert wind turbine maintenance solutions crew.

We provide meticulous care to ensure the longevity and structural integrity of vital transportation links.

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I highly recommend Taiga Industrial for their exceptional professionalism and excellent service. Their team of experts goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, making them a reliable choice in the industry. With extensive rope access industry experience, I believe Taiga Industrial will provide efficient solutions for every project.

Sammy Chun Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) Evaluator
Sammy Chun

SPRAT Evaluator
Hong Kong Rope Union

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Taiga Industrial, a newly established company by Engin Kulahoglu and his team, whom we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with for years.  We enthusiastically endorse Taiga Industrial for all primary contractors in Ontario and across Canada.

The Portrait of Founder and CEO of Ekstrem İşler I Extreme Works
Ergin Pekmezekmek

Founder and CEO of Ekstrem İşler I Extreme Works

We have worked stateside with the Taiga company director for several years. The new Taiga brings a competitive edge to their clients and a solid work ethic. Services, including WTG blade repair and GWO training with rope access, will be a welcome addition to the Canadian wind industry.

Hubert Biggle

Rope Access L3 Evaluator
CEO - Impact Access Inc. / USA